Day 10

Its been over a week. Its 255am I’m sure she’s forgotten about me already.

She’s got a new job. New guys. Hasn’t been in tumblr in a while and when she does she just posts generic things… No heartbroken things. No heartfelt things. Just stoner stuff. Pretty things hot guys and girls.

So I’m pretty sure I’m forgotten.

I guess it really is time to move on.

Day 9

It hurts.

She posted a photo of herself in her new work outfit on the first day of being a server.

God damn she looks good. So gorgeous.

Its sad to know she will be serving tables, meeting guys and since she’s gorgeous they will give her their number or get hers abs she will text them and fuck them. Or her coworkers..

I just…

It hurts to know she actually is happy without me.

Day 8

Gotta keep reminding myself that she is happy.

Not only that but she hurt you by saying she’s happy without you. By fucking another guy.

Don’t you dare give in and text her.

I know you miss her but if she misses you and wants to apologize or wants to explain why she was a cunt then let her come to you.

Don’t fucking text her.

Day 6

She posts a photo on tumblr of herself saying she loves the way she looks. She looks beautiful.

She also posts a photo of “women can fake orgasms, men can fake whole relationships” so I guess she still thinks I’m a liar and that I have lied about everything. Or that her new guy already hurt her…

Day 4

"Relationships are just a race to see who will hurt who first"

I guess she did it again… Turned it around to make it seem like I was the one to hurt her.

I don’t get it.

Edit: so I guess she DOES have a new boyfriend. Her tumblr was sent an ask about you can tell by looks that she goes for douchebags and she responded with “my boyfriend isn’t a douchrbag” so either she’s just saying that. Or posted a photo and deleted it. Or she really does have a new boy. It still hurts, even though I know she’s hot and guys will ALWAYS go for her and ask her out just so they have some exclusive pussy all to themselves but god damn it hurts to know she’s “dating” these guys. These douchebags.

Day 3

I hate that I still think about her daily.

Even when I know I shouldn’t because of all the shit she has put me through.

Lying to me over and over, playing mind games, that isn’t what a good relationship is based on.

The fact she says she’s happy without me and then comes back saying she isn’t is ridiculous.

But this time around I’m pretty sure she means it. She’s got a job now, making money, meeting new people and coworkers, probably fucking every single one of them too… And about to move out.

She’s never at home, I can tell with the way she never posts to tumblr. Not even photos. That’s usually a sign she’s out of her house and away from he laptop.

I just can’t get the thought of her out of my head.

That also comes with the thought of her with another guy… Doing all the same things we used to do. Yes the sexual things. The things you do with your significant other and think “wow I’m lucky they only do this with me and no one else” then you realize they probably are doing that right now…